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Re: 85 4ksQ questions / gore

> >>   That's disgusting!!!
> >
> >That's why I always used to chain down the speakers in back of my Vega
> >wagon...
> >
> The current hi-power ICE craze in the UK has led to rear shelves being
> replaced with mega-thick mdf board - the one that I pulled out of my Ur-q
> after I bought it was over half an inch thick and including the speakers
> weighed in at 25 pounds. It was held in place by two things, the top of the
> rear seat and its own weight.

That's why my 3/4" plywood is bolted down.  It jam fits into the slot
Audi thoughtfully provided for it anyway.  Speaker baffle gotta be solid
and unmoveable to sound good.

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe