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Re: quattro vs. Syncro??

> Not sure how that could be.  A viscous system has to transfer the power and
> will only transfer up to a certain amount.  A lockable quattro will transfer
> the power equally to all the wheels unless 3 wheels have no traction.  A
> viscous will transfer (in the process of getting stuck) a limited amount and
> will never transfer all the power.

I think it depends on the viscous system. You are probably imagining an
always lossy system like a torque converter in an auto trans. However, I
saw a diagram and explanation of a viscous system and the claim was that
in 1/5th of a second of slippage, the "goo" between the plates would
heat up enough to lock up solid. This would apply to the center coupler.
The rear diff was still open. I don't remember what car this was on.