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Re: Jag AWD? (long with zero Audi content)

Phil Payne wrote:

> Midland Red, a normally ultra-conservative bus and coach operator, decided
to >use the new unrestricted M1 to compete, and bought three new coaches
>specifically designed to cruise safely at up to 110mph.

That's a pretty fast bus.  I have had to catch up to and overtake coaches both
coming from and especially, leaving, Atlantic City, NJ, traveling on the (55
mph speed limit throughout NJ) Garden State Parkway at speeds of 80 mph or
greater.  Normally the buses do very well - good drivers - the cars, on the
other hand, fairly frequently wind up in the woods in the early hours of the
morning, along with carcasses of deer, gophers, and other fauna.  The
manufacturer of those buses should talk to the casinos in AC (as well as to
the NJ State Police), _but_, they're going to have to watch out for the
Mustang drivers racing the Camaro drivers, and the Porsche drivers racing the
Corvette drivers, weaving wherever they please.  I personally witnessed a 911
Turbo vs. Corvette ZR-1 170 MPH grudge match in a 55-mph zone populated with
people coming back from A/C at 2:30 am.  I identified the cars by their
taillights and the shock waves.  It may be one thing to see it flashing past
you on the left lane of the Autobahn but it's another thing entirely when
you're on a two-lane highway, doing 70mph and watching for police on a road
that _could_ support 90 or 100 mph if the authorities saw fit to designate a
real "fast lane" and enforced it,  _but_ there are no rules for high-speed
travel and you can't see them coming until they're there....they should get
that settled before they let the buses travel that fast in the U.S.  

Best Wishes,