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Re: tire sizes for 8J X 15 rim

At 09:39 PM 2/15/98 EST, you wrote:
> The factory size for my 85 quattro is 215 50 15 on
>the 8J X 15 rim. The current tire on the car is 
>220 50 15.
> Can I run a 205 50 15 on this rim? Because of
>availability of 220's should I stick with that size?

I use 205/50/15 tires on the 15x8 Ronals, but only for the race track.  I
definitely do NOT recommend it anywhere else.  You have ZERO rim protection
with this size tire on a 8" wheel.  Yes, the tire can be mounted, and it is
at the end of the permissible rim widths allowed, but you can see the TOP
of the rim bead with 205's mounted!

If your rear fenders are rolled (there are because it is a '85), then use
the 225/50/15 tire.  I haven't seen 220 wide tires, BTW, but 225 is very

Good luck.