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FS: Uniden Mobile Scanner

>From the "I've got two and only need one" department:

Brand new Uniden BCT-10 "Highway Information System" (aka: radio
scanner) that I purchased about three months ago.  The unit was
installed in my car for all of four days before I received a used (but
slightly more capable) unit from a family member.

I still have the box, manual, and all accessories including:

* DC power cord w/ lighter adapter
* suction cup windshield mount
* six inch rubber antenna
* four foot "inside the windshield" antenna

This is a slick little unit about the size (and design) of a radar
detector.  It also has the Highway Patrol Alert feature which will alert
you if there is a radio-repeater equipped squad car within three miles. 
You can see it on Uniden's web page at: 

Their suggested list for this unit is $299.95 and they have "Like New"
units for $90.00 plus shipping on their website.  I paid $119.99 for it,
and would like to get $75 for it.  I'll include shipping in that price.

I'll be happy to answer questions.


Gary G. Erickson         Secretary -- NW Quattro Club
 503-702-5789           mailto:erickson@teleport.com