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Re:windshield pitting

Daniel Hussey <GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU> wrote:
>     How do you guys get the insurance companies to pay for your 
> windshield if it is just pitted!  I can't believe that!

"Just" pitted?  If you have comprehensive insurance, isn't it supposed 
to pay for damages to your vehicle?  I consider pitting damage?  It 
makes sense to me.

>     Anyways, back to the original subject, I wanted to find out how 
> to make someone else pay for it.  But, unless your windshield is 
> actually broken or cracked, I don't think they will cover it.

If it is pitted and impairs your vision, IMO it's the same as being 
"actually" broken or cracked.  Someone on the list mentioned that the 
insurance company would rather replace the windshield than pay for the 
damages resulting from your not being able to see something you run

Oh yeah, and like someone else suggested, if you wanted to get it 
replaced, but it wasn't damaged enough, you could always "wait" until 
it is damaged enough to file the claim.

> And, that is only if you have full coverage.  I had this, but I had 
> a $1,000 deductable.  So, I don't think it would have been covered 
> anyways.  Does insurance pay for stuff like glass breakage and 
> windshields without a deducable?  And, how are you getting them to 
> just pay for a "pitted" windshield?

With a deductible that high, it of course wouldn't be worth it to claim 
a pitted windshield unless it cost much more than $1k to replace.
>     BTW, I don't know why you were "black listed" and unable to find 
> insurance, but with experience rated insurance, the more claims you make, 
> the higher risk you put yourself in.  People probably are afraid to insure 
> you because the chances of you making another claim are very great if 
> you've made them before.

I heard (I believe from Duane Hale, who's a law student and has
had his share of claims due to repeated attempted and actual thefts of 
his beautiful 4kcstq) that insurance companies are not allowed to do 
(something bad) to you, whether it was raise your rates, or cancel, or 
refuse to give you insurance, I don't remember.  I do remember that I 
didn't get the impression that he was afraid to make a claim for fear of 
reprisal.  He said he is "a believer" in having and using insurance, and 
since my car looks and acts very little like his, he gives a powerful 
>     I may ask my insurance professor if one can get around paying a 
> deductable on a cracked windshield (which in essence means, get insurance 
> to pay for it).

I don't see why it would be different than any other damage claim.

>     BTW, I don't mean to preach, or suggest that any of you make 
> fruadulent claims, but insurance fraud is a very real problem!  It is 
> responsable for the loss of approximately $20 billion dollars a year!  
> And, guess who pays for it? Yup, you and I do when we go to buy insurance.  
> you So, just think about that if think you are cheating the insurance 
> company and getting something for nothing.  Just a little public service 
> announcement.

Getting something for nothing?  I personally feel like insurance is like 
PAYING something for nothing.  Actually, I don't quite feel that bad
it, but I think that the cost of insurance is too high.

The insurance companies are among the richest in all of the business 
world.  I doubt they're losing money.

I think if the insurance company paid out directly to the repair shop,
would be less likely that fraud could occur.  A person could always be
cahoots with the shop, of course.

I think it would be better if we could all be financially responsible
our own actions.  That'd be great, but I know that's not gonna happen
this country, and we're supposedly still one of the "free" ones...).