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Re:windshield pitting

At some point Dan mumbled.....
>Date: Sun, 15 Feb 98 23:55:11 EST
>From: Daniel Hussey <GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU>
>Subject: Re:windshield pitting
>The previous owner of my 5kcstq had the windshield replaced just 
>before he sold the car to me (it was cracked). He said the 
>replacement was *free*, paid for by the insurance company, and that 
>it was a law in the State of Kentucky (I'm across the river in 
>Indiana) that required them to do so.
>The car was, at the time, covered by full insurance, as the previous 
>owner still had a loan open on the car. Does thr law apply to a car
>that carries only liability? I don't now (Kentucky is a no-fault 
>insurance state, if that makes a difference).

In Minnesota (where I live, a no-fault state), Windshield coverage is
"given" to you when you sign up for *comprehensive* insurance (state farm).
 You do pay for it, however it is zero deductible, with no questions or
even a look at it.  They don't even really encourage 'bullet-chip filling'.
I have only had to have one windshield replaced, with no problems.  

rambling along....
I'm not real curious to see what happens when I submit a claim for my '56
Dodge pickup windshield.  It's value is low enough, and windshields are
scarce enough....I wonder if they will total it.  The windshield ($550) and
gasket ($400-needs to be cast new no NOS available) would be 30-40% of the
value of the truck.  

Otherwise, in states without no-fault you get it in the shorts for
replacement windshields.  In North Dakota (where I work), they recently
passed a law forbidding glass companies from paying your deductible.
Windshield prices are stablized within $75-100 of what the insurance
company pays.  With prices they way they were before, i.e. 1/2 cost to
individuals, the mark-up on these babies must be incredible.

as a side note: My Audis windshield was replaced before I bought
it...Dealer replaced it with OEM.

an unrelated side note: the only Audis in my local junkyards are:
 '82 4K, '85 and '86 5K.  No idea on the conditions

My .02 worth

Jon Moritz

'92  100 81k mi
In the Audi wasteland of NW Minn/ NE Nodak