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RE: windshield pitting

>      Now, Geico on the other hand, I have heard some bad things about them.
> Not sure what, but I guess they offer cheaper insurance and then stiff you
> when you need them.  They aren't exactly a premium insurer, but what exactly
> are people's experiences with them?  What did they do?  I'd really like to
> know or have some examples.

I've been with GEICO for about 15 years, most of that with GEICO 
Idemnity, where I enjoyed preferred-risk rates. My reckless driving
conviction (pleaded down from a DWI) last year caused them to dump 
me over to GEICO Casualty, where my rates doubled, but at least they 
kept me. Now, I've *never* had to file a claim, so I don't know what 
kind of service I'd get (the property ownerr whose fence I damaged
did, of course, file a claim).

But anyway, I know from the experience of friends that State Farm
would have dumped me, leaving me uninsured, and possibly uninsurable.
Thank God for GEICO.


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