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Re: New meat

>>> "Osman Parvez" <oparvez1@nycap.rr.com> 02/17/98 04:31AM >>>

>>>Bruce,  You just typified the average jerk who comes into my
dealership and wastes my time.<<<

Great sales attitude here.  Look upon the average customer as a jerk. 
Definite management material here.  
>>> I could turn this into a full ten page essay on the
various ways people insult me at work every day, but I'll pass.<<<

Don't like you job?  Leave.  Otherwise, be thankful  "jerks" keep
coming in and spending their money with you.

>>> Just think next time you treat the salesperson anything less than
professionally. He
may be doing just what he says he is doing.<<<

Several things here.  (1) I did not go in looking to buy a S4 wagon, I
went in for a part.  The sales dude that grabbed me at the door was
trying to sell me anything he could.  Wound up telling me they get S4
wagons in every now and again; and that the dealership was currently
sold out of the 1.8tq wagon.  I corrected him on the S4 wagon thing,
but no, he was right.  Asked if he found me the right one would I be
interested in buying.  I said sure.  What, his lack of training and
apparent lack of desire to learn anything about what he was trying to
sell makes me a bad guy?  Okay, whatever.     

[snipped rant here] 
>>>Does this honesty and professionalism pay off? It doesn't seem to
because the customers seem to feel that the salesperson is a lowlife
abusing them carries with it no guilt.<<<

Perhaps your customers know you view them as "jerks" and, since there
is no respect coming from you, none is returned.  Don't know here
Osman, this might be a better question for a therapist.

>>> Hey it's their job to deal with dishonest customers like you,

Here, I fight the urge to just say FY, but, knowing how easy it is for
people who would never say such a thing face to face to talk shi* long
distance, I'll let it pass with a smile.

>>>My lunch goes uneaten for over two hours as I find a way to beat
another local dealer in a lease.<<<

Work can be really really tough sometimes, eh?   

>>>One problem... he's left his title (!!!) for the trade at the other
dealership. I would have
liked to kick his idiotic teeth in at this point for not disclosing

Great attitude.   

>>>and a very customer service oriented philosophy in our service

Sounds like top priority around there.

>>>a very strong possiblitity that I could find you a S6 wagon owner
who is considering
selling their car.<<<

Thanks, but then I would be committing to TWO deals at the same time. 
Guy said he will find me a S4 wagon.  So, better wait.  

>>> I'm glad you think nothing of commiting to purchasing such a car
from the "new meat" at your local dealership. They must *love*
you there.<<<

You really think they *love* me?  Wow, that is nice.  I always thought
they just viewed selling me parts as a non-affectionate process where
they took my money and gave me a car part.  I thought they viewed it
as a BUSINESS.  As far as the sales dude is concerned, I should feel
guilty, even though I did not seek him out; I did not tell him I was
looking for a S4 wagon; I tried to correct him but nope, he knew their
cars?  Sure Osman, no problem.