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Looking for Body Shop in D.C. to Richmond VA corridor

Hi all:

My wife said this weekend, "Your old girl is looking rough."  A quick
glance from me and she added, "The Audi".

I took this as a personal challenge and told her she has nobody to
blame but herself.

The question is twofold since I would like to do as much of the prep
work as possible.

    1)  What can a shade tree mechanic do as far as prep is concerned
        before turning it over to the pros?  Sanding?  Removal of trim?...
    2)  Any shops in the area that somebody would be willing to recommend?


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 247K Miles Runs Great looks "Rough"

P.S.  Any body use a product called Forever Black?  Impressions?