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Advice on timing belt remowal

Hi everyone,

After reading Phils posting about the harmonic balancer remowal I
remembered the way I did this a couple of years back on my 5ks. Of course,
I had no Audi tool to fix the harmonic balancer firmly in place, so here is
my solution:
1. Grab it by an adapted 4" C clamp. Adapted means remove the floating
support from the screw end, which leaves a nice ball end. Insert the ball
into one of the balancing holes on the harmonic balancer, while the
other(flat) end on the clamp should press the balancer from the other side. 
2. With clamp in place turn the end nut (together with the crank)
counterclockwise until it will stop against the block. 
3. Mark the position of the balancer relative to the block in several
places as well as the position of the camshaft wheel.
4. Unscrew the nut, take off the balancer, etc.
5. Leave the clamp for refitting until after tightening.

Being by no means an experienced mechanic, it took me about 1h to complete
the job.
All the disclaimers and hope it helps someone.


87 5ks
86 5kcst