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Oil leak and more

OK, well the repair shop said that on their testdrive of my car (the one
that was smoking black soot yesterday periodically) that it was misfiring
on one of the cylinders sometimes, and that was probably what was causing
the smoke.  They said that the plugs and wires were in pretty bad shape,
and the O2 sensor was shot.  This is all quite possible, as they haven't
been dealt with lately.

However, he also said that I have an oil leak.  I know he is right, there
is quite a bit of oil on the underside of the engine.  But it's a slow
leak.  He said it is from the front engine seals.  I don't know if
replacing the seals is worth it in this old (somewhat of a beater) 5KCST,
so I may just keep dumping oil in.  About how much would that run

 -Preston Brown