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Re: retrofitting headlight washers

I have long contempletd this project for my coupe.  Seems to me to be
fairly simple, sort of.  1.  Mount a pair of normal windsheild squirters
(about $8 new?) in the bumper in front of the low beam or between the
two lenses.  2.  Try to run it in parallel off the existing windsheild
washer tank and pump.  3.  If not enough pressure, take a spare tank and
pump from the junk parts bin and find a place to mount it, run it
electrically in parallel off the existing windsheild pump.  Might use a
relay to avoid melting wires depending on measured load of the pump(s)
and wiring diagram indicated wire gauges.

haven't btdt yet, but someday?  Right now I just keep a foam brush in a
cut oen bottle of WW fluid by the front door - swab those suckers
whenever they look grimy.

> In my opinion, this is a tough job. I do not believe that the wiring is there. The
> extra reservoir, fluid pump, & hoses are definitely not already there. Another
> thing is that I have been unable in the past to find any used equipment (I wanted
> to do this job on my 88), so you may end up with Audi prices for this stuff.
> > I would like to add headlight washers to my 90q20V.  Anyone BTDT?  Is the
> > wiring already in place, simply in need of a switch?

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe