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'91 200Q climate control problems

I just want to thank Peter from Audionly and Chris Miller for their kind
assistance on solving my 'hot air only' problem.  Chris sent me the
diagnostic info on the climate control, Peter told me where to find the
control levers and I was able to determine that the hot air flap control
motor was sticking.  The car is now fixed and I saved a bunch with your
help.  While at the dealer, I ran into a guy from Vail  who owns a '91 200Q
wagon and was raving about how he can blow away just about everything on
Vail pass.  He also told me that the only car that blows his away is a '91
200Q with TAP treatment driven by the former owner of Vail Ski Area.  I
found it amusing that a guy with enough $$$ to drive whatever he wants
choses a '91 Audi.  They must be just about as good as we think they are...

Ralph Poplawsky