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Becoming an Audi Salesperson....

With all of this back and forth about dealers and salespeople, etc., I'd 
like to ask a question that I've had rattling around in the back of my mind
for some time...

How does one _become_ a salesperson for Audi?  (I know, answer the
ad, send a resume, ok, ok, but I'm looking for some more insightful
information).  Is it a good job?  (I suppose that depends on the dealer
you work for).  What kind of qualifications and commitments are
expected of the typical applicant for a sales job at a dealership?  Do
"outsiders" get these jobs, or are they more often given to people who
have worked in other areas at a dealership for some time?  Is there any
special training required before you could apply?  I was wondering
about this when I went through a jobless period a while back and the
thought crossed my mind...at the time I thought I might be a good
candidate because of my affection for the cars and some prior
background in sales, etc., but I never pursued it.  

Any comments?

Best Wishes,