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Hard starting thread

     I recall that there were a couple folk who recently experienced hard
starting with their cars.  If you could share the input with me, I'd
appreciate it.

1987 5K CS TQ, died unexpectedly.  I suspected the fuel pump and changed it.
It turned out that the coil/capacitor went down, so that has been changed.
Changing that let the car start, but it took a lot of cranking.  Having
experienced similar hard starting with the other quat, I ASSUMED that the fule
pump I'd just changed was weak.  So I changed back to the original fuel pump.
No difference.

What I have noticed is this: with a weak fuel pump, once the engine is
running, it runs smoothly.  But, after I got the car started, it ran poorly,
almost as if some of the cylinders are not getting any fuel and the ignition
had been retarded.  This continues for several minutes.  If I work the
throttle and keep the revs to 2K+, it will keep running, and eventually run
well enough for me to drive the thing.  But it still sounded like there was a
miss in the engine.

What I checked:
Changed fuel filter.
Changed plugs.
Changed plug wires.
No fault codes displayed by the system.

What I found:
Changed the fuel pump relay and it started immediately and ran fine.

I was confused because the fuel pump relay had been changed out from another
vehicle which had run fine with it in place.  Has anyone else run across this?

Now, as I asked above, if you will send data to me about the things that can
be checked for hard starting, I'll compile them and send the data to Scott
Mockry for inclusion on his web site.  I seen this thread several times,
especially in the archives, so I know there is a wealth of info out there.  I
find it easier to navigate Scott's site than the archives, so I think this
would be a worthwhile endeavor.  Also, any additional symptoms, such as the
rough running mentioned above, would be useful.

All input appreciated.

One Running and One to go in Bucksnort.