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re: new meat (horrible title for a thread!)

This is just another reminder of the special skills and difficulties
encountered when anyone has to "deal with the public" on a regular basis
in their job.  A consistent repetition of various kinds of jerks and
idiots wear a path in the worker's brains that must be studiously
prevented from kicking in whenever a new member of the public enters
ones domain.  Which can be very difficult when the new idividual seems
to exhibit traits reminiscent of the jerk/idiot profile.  

While the best service folks are able to do this with ease, we're all
human (sort of) and have bad days, etc., on both sides of the fence.  I
struggle when dealing with customer interfaces to *not* set off those
bells in their heads, to make life easier for all.  Likewise when
dealing with my customers, I have to be patient enough to allow for the
fact that what sounds like a jerk, looks like a jerk, and smells like a
jerk, may in fact be a decent, well meaning person about to become
another satisfied customer.

Of course this means treating the real jerks and time wasters like they
are your best customers, which can be emotionally draining when one
burns you once in a while or when you identify them for what they are.

I guess most of life is like that.

Luckily my dealer is great - they'll take a special order for parts over
the phone and call me and send a postcard when the parts are in -
usually the following Monday.  This is whether it's a $100 order or $1
doohickey.  Ed Byrnes Porsche Audi Chevy Honda etc. in Dover NH.  I wish
all of us had dealers as capable and friendly nearby.

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe