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Re: URGENT 4kQ Clutch Pilot Bearing Question

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> Since I'll be digging around under the 4kQ this evening I'd appreciate a
> quick response from anyone with experience on this one ... or at least a
> well considered opinion ... :)
> Please copy any response to my home e-mail account <Audinamx@aol.com> as
> well as the list if you so desire ... you can be certain I'll post my
> results when I get the tranny and engine back together again!
> The fiche on the 4kQ has two listings for the pilot bearing, with a note
> on both to check some other notice.  Unfortunately I only have the
> number for the bearing I have 034 1005 313A ...
> My concern is that the new bearing looks different than the old bearing
> ... and I'm wondering if the differences caused my problem mating the
> engine and tranny.  The original bearing is open in the back, while the
> new one has a cap that sticks out another 0.25" behind the bearing.
> This new bearing seems to have a better sealing mechanism, so I'd like
> to use it, but my concern is that the tranny input shaft is not designed
> for this bearing.  Is anyone familiar with the bearing that I am talking
> about?  Has anyone used a bearing like this on a 4kQ flywheel?  Thanks
> for any help on this!
> I figure I'll probably measure the depth of the hole in the flywheel,
> and I might test fit the tranny without the clutch in place to double
> check ... but I'd hate to waste another expensive pilot bearing!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)

Last time I replaced one it appeared identical to what I removed.
I removed the old one by packing it with grease and taping in alignment 
tool( a section of input shaft from a failed 4KQ trans). Pressure 
achieved this way forced the bearing out. If you place in one with closed 
 back how can it ever be removed again?

Mike Z