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To support Steves story,
GEICO did "donate" 3.2 million dollars to various
Law Enforcement agencies around the country.

These monies was utilized by many of these agencies,
to purchase "speed enforcement" equipment.

Since "speed enforcement" is by far most states largest
revenue getter, aside  from income & state taxes.

Although by Federal Law, a state can only ticket
55% of its populous, a month, or risk losing its
Federal Highway Funding!

GEICO has also been under Federal Investigation,
for, shall we say, "Unfair Business Practices"
related to their large donations.

Although "almost" the same can be said about Allstate!

Following the most recent hurricanes to hit Florida,
Allstate decided to "bail" on Florida, and its customers
because or "record losses".

The state of Florida threatened to sue Allstate, and between the state
and the insurance company, there is now a "trust fund" of sorts, set up
just for home owners seeking insurance.

Allstate reported loosing 84.5 million dollars as a result of the

That was 3 years ago, and Allstate is once again, in the green!  Of course
premiums have doubled since then!  Will they ever go back down?
Probably not!