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Re: HELP: Brake bleed 4kqt

> I am trying to bleed the brakes in my car and I am having some problems.
> Normally we do the old fashion pump method but I cannot get the air out of the
> rear lines.  I have ran about 2 quarts through it and still get foam and
> bubbles.  I have bled the proportioning valve via the bleeder on the top of it
> and got reletively clean fluid.

Congrats on the "t". What you are doing wrong is not screwing your handy
dandy homemade pressure bleeder onto your brake fluid reservoir. I just
did my 4kq(no t) last weekend. Go to a junkyard and get a sensor type
brake fluid cap off a VW, Audi, BMW, or whatever, just make sure it
fits. Jetta was my choice. Pop the sensor out. You should have a hole a
little bigger than a valve stem. Put a valve stem in, (A Schrader, not a
presta silly). I used a nice chromed threaded one that secured with a
locknut. Grab your floor type bicycle pump with the built in guage and
have your significant other apply just under 10 psi continuously.
(She'll actually not mind doing it as it's a heck of a lot easier and
quicker than the pump the pedal method.) Also make sure she understands
to tell you if the level drops too low, but not to worry as the
reservoir holds enough for the whole line back to the right rear. Just
fill up after each wheel. You'll need 2, maybe 3 bottles of DOT 3/4
brake fluid and a clear tube to slip over the bleeder valve so you can
see those bubbles. This was the easiest and most effective bleeding
session I have ever had. I could easily see the brown 13 year old fluid
get exchanged for fresh new stuff. Very satisfying especially since the
pedal was firmer than before I started. Now how this car could be dealer
serviced and never get brake fluid or a timing belt is beyond me.
4kq mit clean DOT4 (and a new pressure regulator)