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RE: Ur quattro - pinking

I have the very same observation with the KUQEFH - ping(k) under part throttle 
and low boost, no problem at WFO and high boost. My guess is my IA Stage II
modified F/TCU is not dialing out enough advance under low boost conditions
when used with this highly modified engine.

This problem only started when I installed the new KUQEFH.
The new engine has exactly the same mech CR as stock, but, the 'real' CR is
higher as I have Total Seal rings and a fresh comp valve job. I inquired to Ned
about this and did not get any usable help, but, I will inquire again and see if I
can get this resolved. In my case I think it is a simple question of dialing-out
some of the more aggressive advance of the IA Stage II MOD. Even with Ultra 94
and a can of 104+ Super octane boost I still get ping at part throttle and low
(below stock) boost. I could run gutrot 87 fuel with no ping with the old
(tired) engine. This is very annoying with a big $$$ CPU upgrade but should be
very easy for me to resolve with the help of some expert advice from Ned. Other
than this one issue I have been VERY pleased with the IA mod and I continue to
recommend it to other quattro turbo enthusiasts over all other alternatives.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing my Ur quattro (WR) to
pink at medium boost?  The pinking is very slight and disappears at full
throttle.  I have had it investigated by the garage who increased the fuel (1.5
to 2.0) but it has not disappeared.

Philip Ross