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Re: '87-5000t ABS problem

Actually the bearings are fine, but it does remind me that the gap between the
sensor and the rivets on the rotor has to be pretty exact.

Thanks I need to check this.


harrison wrote:

> Check the condition of the wheel bearings. This caused the same symptom in
> two of my cars.
> harrison
> Max wrote:
> > OK, bought this 5000 couple months ago and since getting it the ABS OFF
> > light has been on.  I have taken readings on each of the four wheel
> > sensors and they are fine, I've made sure that the shutdown switch is OK
> > and can hear the relay clicking under the dash when pressing and
> > depressing the switch.  Anyone have any other ideas before I give it to
> > the dealer to figure it out?
> >
> > Max Palmarsson
> > mpalmars@axxsys.com