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Re: Overboosting and exhaust size...

When I got my first 5000t 3 years ago it had (and still has) an after
market muffler.  The pipes on this muffler are even wider than the
existing system but it seems to work really well.  The car packs a wallop
(not as much lately as it used to do) but I recently asked at a Midas
store how much to replace the muffler ( it has developed a rattle when the
car is cold) and it was only like $ 50 or $ 80 bucks.  This was a
universal fit high performance Turbo something muffler.  If you want I can
tell you the name of it the car is just not home right now (blown head

Max Palmarsson

Gerard wrote:

> Hi!
> The 200t again. I've moved down to the coast. Last week I had the
> intercooler to throttle body hose "remade". This involved wrapping the
> hose in a thick layer of rubber and steaming it on. The hose held
> well, but seems to be blowing oil and dirt out again.
> The car's digital boost readout goes all the way up to 1.7 bar and
> the motor cuts-out. It will do this very easily. It seems the rubber
> re-make has not held at all, even though the split is small compared
> to previously.
> When I bought the car they replaced the rear silencer with a piece of
> junk. The put on a +- 50mm diameter pipe and box on the +- 57mm
> exhaust system. The agents here (Barons) want a whopping $500 for the
> rear box. The 2nd set of agents want $250 for it and my second-hand
> dealer is offering it at $100.
> Could this 50mm - 57mm fitting cause enough back pressure to make the
> IM pressure build up so rapidly that the car will easily cut-out?
> Could the back pressure it causes also be the cause for my "Michelin
> Man" hose continually splitting?
> The boost builds rapidly and seems to exceed 1.66 bar which causes the
> fuel pump cutout. The car pulls hard, but not much is seen on the
> speedometer side.
> Could simply fixing the rear silencer box (by putting in the 57mm
> in place of the stupid 50mm) solve my problems with the IC-IM  hose
> splitting and the boost building up too quickly??
> The automatic tranny is also packing up!!!
> G.
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