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Re: Lifting & Lighting

The car is a '93 S4 as someone so deftly remembered.
Speedo cable? You are kidding me, right? I have to admit I fully expected
the speedo to be electronic and not run by a cable Does Audi still use a
cable? I remember working on 20 year old 911's that had electronic
speedometers. I guess the moral of the story is (expect a cliché here) to
expect the unexpected.

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>Sounds like your speedo cable is still attached?  Peer around at it,
>there should be a thumb collar nut about 3/4" in diameter screwed to the
>back of the cluster.  Squeeze your fingers in a loosen it.  The the
>wiring harnesses will need to be disconnected.  Voila! - cluster in your
>hands ready to work on.