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'90 CQ Parts Liquidation

This should hopefully be the last time I post these parts to the list,
so here's your chance to help with my rally addiction...err, I mean
effort ;-).  Here it goes:

Pearl White B3 hood in good condition (no dents) w/latch and front
rubber seal
90-series headlight washers and hoses (I'm keeping the reservoir)
Front Bumper support
Rear Bumper support
Bumper shocks
A/C compressor
NA 20V Intake manifold
NA 20V Bosch Motronic ECU (stock)
CQ wiring harness
Complete Set of CQ OE springs
Front strut assembly (have to check which side)
Rear strut assembly
Complete set of 4x108 CQ hubs (splines are different than 4kq BTW)
Set of CQ rotors (decent shape)
2 sets of rear calipers (1 set of CQ, 1 off of 4kq - both the same)
CQ Heater Core (probably the same as any 80/90 series)
Bosch ABS controller and sensors
Set of CQ axles - decent shape (no tears in the boots)
Complete CQ sunroof assembly with motor
CQ Muffler (has hole in inlet pipe)
CQ exhaust pipe
CQ pedal assembly

I also have RS2 front bumper cover assemblies that I'm making in
Fiberglass and Kevlar, for those interested.  I'm also making the
CQ/Cabriolet rear bumper covers as one pieces units in both Kevlar and
Fiberglass.  I need these as spares for my S2, but have the plugs to
make more if anyone has interest.  I will probably make B4 hoods (drop
down grill) and CQ fenders as well, in Fiberglass and Kevlar.  If anyone
needs any of these pieces, let me know.

This is pretty much it for the big list...I don't have the gray leather
interior any more, nor the control arms, or Speedlines (so I'm not the
one to talk to).  I've sold the interior and control arms to Todd
Candey, who is now desperate to get rid of all this stuff.  If you have
any requests for any interior pieces or control arms, call Todd at (847)
758-0688.  He doesn't have a computer right now, so this is the only way
to get a hold of him.

-mark nelson

PS - I still have the '85 4kq project for sale, if anyone wants to
contribute to my addiction and start/enhance your own ;-).