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RE: '87-5000t ABS problem

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine on an '88 5kCSQW.  Bentley does
have a reasonable troubleshooting procedure, but most of it requires the
use of the test box.  If you have checked the resistance on the sensors
per Bentley, and ensured that the alternator lead is connected and fuse
is not blown (once again per Bentley) ... then it is pretty likely you
need a new control box ... that's what fixed mine.  The thing is mounted
under the rear seat near the left door and is quite a PITA to remove.
Perhaps you can find a wrecking yard that has one for cheap to try ... I
haven't seen a lot of other posts to the list about this sort of failure

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> OK, bought this 5000 couple months ago and since getting it the ABS
> light has been on.  I have taken readings on each of the four wheel
> sensors and they are fine, I've made sure that the shutdown switch is
> OK
> and can hear the relay clicking under the dash when pressing and
> depressing the switch.  Anyone have any other ideas before I give it
> to
> the dealer to figure it out?