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Fwd: S6/A6 odometer backlight

You said
>The odometer is nearly unreadable (night or day) in my '95 S6.  My guess
>is that it used to have a red backlight like the outside thermo display.
>Has anyone ventured behind the dash to fix something like this?


I hope you haven't got the same problem I experienced in my A6Q 5 speed.
My thermo display backlight was out like your odo display is.  The dealer
had to replace the entire display unit because the bulb was not
replaceable.  Fortunately it was done under the Audi Assured program and it
cost me nothing.  Your problem may be different because it is the odo.  My
Bentley has NO references(that I can find) with regards to anything about
the odometer.  The speedo/odo are referred to as a single unit.  The
lighting diagrams don't specifically mention an odo illumination bulb