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FW: Re: brake system capacity - flushing

 Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com> wrote:
>Hey, any of you race heads who change their brake fluid regularly have
>good tab on the capacity of a brake system like mine (82 coupe, no q no
>t)?  I'm considering using my neighbors pressure bleeder to flush out
>brake fluid and replace with new, just want to have an idea of how much
>brake fluid to have on hand first.  Also, recommendations re: procedure
>would be helpful.  Thanks!


Don't know the capacity but 1liter is plenty for a complete
flush.  I've done several Audis and Porsches using an EZ bleed
pressure bleeder.  I use the following procedure:
1. Place car on 4 jackstands - makes it easier to repeat wheels.
2. Instead of using a turkey baster to empty the reservoir, hook up 
empty bleeder bottle to reservoir using 15psi from a spare tire.  If you
get air leakage, use Teflon or masking tape on the threads.
3. Connect clear hose/jar to RR bleeder nipple.  Use correct flare nut
wrench to reduce risk of rounding (open end, take your chances)
and release enough fluid to almost empty reservoir.  (If you get
little or no fluid, you may have a swollen or blocked line.)
4. Fill bleeder bottle with fresh fluid and go around in sequence
RR, LR, RF, LF until you get clean fluid.  If it's not an EZBleed,
then you have to manually add fluid and monitor the level.

If your system hasn't been flushed in a while, the biggest
problem is loosening stuck bleeder nuts.  You may need to
resort to heat using a propane torch.  My cousin broke off
a nipple in his 5ktq and we ended up replacing the caliper
since we couldn't drill the remainder out.  Ouch!
When changing the MC on my Dad's Maxima: after we rounded
a couple of bleeders, we took the calipers off, used a vice
and vicegrip pliers and replaced them with new bleeders.
If all goes smoothly, you can do it in 1-2 hours.
I recommend Ate SuperBlue Racing, Ford HD or Castol LMA
depending on your planned use.

Hope this helps.


Steve Jagernauth   jagernauth_stephen@bns.att.com
'87 5ktqw - 1.8 bar, H&R/Boge soon
87 5kt (FOR SALE: CHEAP), '88 5ks, '91CQ
'88 Suburban - tow vehicle 
'74 911/3.0 autox/track