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RE: URGENT 4kQ Clutch Pilot Bearing Question

Well, I think I found the source of my mating problems last night ...
the 4kq engine & tranny that is!

I don't know why that P/N I gave yesterday even showed up on the fiche!
That bearing is set up for a tranny input shaft that has been machined
to a smaller diameter!  No wonder I couldn't get the two together!  This
part would accept the clutch centering tool I had used before on my Fox

> Hi Steve, if it helps any, all the pilot bushings are the same P/N
> through
> '89. So if you want to double check the part you got, have somebody
> look up
> one for say a 5000TQ. The dimensions on the bearing should be
> 18x24x16mm. 
... that makes me all the more frustrated ... I've got a clutch kit
including pilot bearing sitting in the garage waiting to be installed on
the 5kCSQW ... if I would have looked into the problem sooner and
realized this fact I could very easilyhave had the car back on the road
this past weekend!  Oh well, sometimes I have to learn the hard way!

> "... but I'd hate to waste another expensive pilot bearing!"
> Aren't they about 8bucks these days?
That part I got from Carlsen yesterday was $32 at the q-list discount.
I think the reason it is so expensive is that it has a very nice seal
built into it.  A careful look shows a nylon guide to ensure that the
tranny input shaft is centered as it goes into a "real" seal (i.e. it
has a spring that runs around the periphery of the seal) followed by the
roller bearings.  As you can probably tell by now, it was so nice I
REALLY wanted to make it work ... :)

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)