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[Fwd: FWD: V8 Help request]

Sorry if this hits the list twice.  It's already made the rounds on the
local list and I didn't see it in the Q-List yet this morning.


Last evening I had a phone conversation with a woman who had pulled my
name off of the internet because I was associated with Audi's in the
Pacific Northwest.

It seems she has owned a V8 that had a rather unfortunate meeting with a
guardrail (better than the alternative; my understand is that there
wasn't a whole lot on the other side of the guardrail!) and due to the
repair costs involved on a V8, it seems likely that her insurance
company will be totaling the car.

Deborah has been looking across the country for a V8 that fits her
requirements.  Her search has lead her to Sunset Imports in Beaverton,
OR and a private seller in Los Angeles.  I've pasted her description of
the cars below:

> 1. Beaverton Oregon. '93 v8 cream w/ black leath interior 39,000 miles for 
> $29,997 Sunset Imports.
>   Engine?, Paint? Accident or repaint, dings? History?
>  2. LA, '92 "teal largo blue"   w/ platinum interior 73,000 miles for $22,000 
> +650 shipping: personal (Robert in L.A., 818   area)
>   same questions, esp. engine...............

Is anybody familiar with either of these cars?  Does the CA car happen
to belong to a lister?  Would anyone be willing to stop and check out
either of these cars for her?  Or does anybody know of any other
relatively low milage V8's that are for sale elsewhere?

If you have any info, or might be able to help, you can respond to
Deborah directly at deborah_kopald@aigtc.com or you can email me and I
will make sure it gets passed along.

Also, if any of our resident V8 gurus (Unka Bart, John Karasaki, Randall
M., ??) would be willing to answer some questions, or possibly provide
guidance on things to watch for when buying a used V8, I'm sure it would
well received.

Thanks all!


Gary G. Erickson         Secretary -- NW Quattro Club
 503-702-5789           mailto:erickson@teleport.com