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RE: Dealer in Philadelphia area

Did I say Orin?
Sorry, I meant Osman.
That's what I get for deciding to DeLurk after 4 pints of Harpoon at
Sorry Orin/Osman.

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	Sent:	Wednesday, February 18, 1998 9:21 AM
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	Subject:	Dealer in Philadelphia area

	     I would have searched the archives for this, but it is down
	     I am moving from Boston to the Philadelphia area, I'll
	     have a home in Glen Mills and Yardley and have an office in

	     Somerville, NJ and Newark, DE.  I'm interested in getting a
	     preferably used, can anyone recommend a good dealer for 
	     purchase/service?  Are there any after market shops that do
	     in the area?  Lastly, are there any auto-x clubs?
	     TIA, Ian