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Got a woody (non-Audi)!

Now, before I go any further....
A - I am not referring to my anatomy for those of you who are recent
abtuctees to this list...
B - And we actually got BOTH back, but the subject line sounded
better this way...

We last left our story with a fiendish plot to remove my future
beauties (1949, 1950 Ford Country Squire Wagons "Woodies") from their
rightful place in history (i.e. under family ownership).  These cars
are slated to be _restored_ sometime during the next 20 years and
were resting comfortably in a barn before their disrespectful
departure.  Many on this list responded with suggestions on how to
retrieve them and for that we offer our thanks.  The winner was
posting annoucements at the local scrapyards, where one customer saw
'em and proceeded to turn in a less honest fellow...

Get this...the thief was working on one of them in the back yard when
the police came a knockin'....the SECOND time.  That's right, our
trusty crimefighters actually interviewed the guy weeks before and
didn't put the pieces together.  For that it took an anony. call. 
Keep in mind that one person interviewed by the police actually had
pictures of the cars in question...hmmmmmn....I wonder who that
interviewee was?  CHP  _detective_  seem antithetical ?

Unfortunately, we can now presume that this same person (and persons)
are NOT responsible for the string of urq theft in GB, as this
blantant idiocy would easily lead to Phil, Ian and mates seeing
better theft return percentages.

Weeeeee......this hardly ever happens.  Now looking for the 1951 Ford
to go for the tri-fecta!   After that...83, 84, 85 urq?

Thanks to all!  
Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw
50 Ford csw (As seen in ZBM SUV brochure, NOT A4 Avant ad, but
similar (that one was pre '48)
49 Ford csw