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HELP- 2.8 Radiator removal

Subj:	90s radiator removal
Date:	02/17/98
To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net

Has anyone BTDT on the removal of a 1993 90s radiator.  I have removed the
fan, the bolts on the front apron, hoses, trans lines, and have the ac unit on
the front separated from the radiator,  they seem to move as one unit(the ac
and the radiator) but it is unable to clear the two side mounting bolts down
low.  Is there any bolt on the bottom frame that I should be concerned with?
Or, will I have to completely remove the apron and the metal panels that span
the front end over the headlights as well??  Any help is appreciated.  

David Hackl
93 90s
86 5000s