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Re: another quattro goes down in its element

MSV96@aol.com decided to speak these words:

>Yes, in a 5k. Michael was in an 85 4kq that I know for a fact did not do 80 @
>3k rpm (cuz I was the previous owner <wink>). 3k rpm was ~65ish if memory
>serves me correctly (I do recall 80 was 4k rpm for sure). Further he was on a
>stretch of road (280 between San Jose and San Francisco) originaly 
>designed to
>be a "US Autobahn" with the design intent of a (someday) 120 MPH speed limit.

I had heard this a long time ago, but didnt kjnow if it was true, i 
suppose it was.  And yes, the gearing in the 4k is very short due to the 
weight and the lack of power...80 is i htink 3950 or right at 4000...or 
was ..hehe..

>Traffic on this highway is always ~80...it takes serious rains (like we have
>been experiencing) to get folks to even slow to 65. I don't know Michael all
>that well...just from talking on the list and selling him my old q. I do know
>he is a very bright young man who tries very hard to learn from his mistakes
>and do the right things in life...

This is true....(im talking about hte first part right now), traffic is 
very quick on this strech of road.  Picture this, a 4 lane highway with 
very gradual curves cutting through a valley and beautiful scenery..this 
is 280...definitely one of the best roads i hve ever been on.  Let me 
also say that i have driven this strech of road hundreds of times and 
know the road by heart, i could almost draw you each curve on the damn 

I am not going to say that i do not drive fast, as i do, but never too 
fast for conditions.  On a good, sunny day with not vey much traffic, i 
easily and effortlessly cruise the whole stretch of hte freeway at 
90mph+...but again, not too fast for conditions...

And i do try to learn from mistakes...andi did...i had my second accident 
in august...and i was very angry at myself for not having hte right 
instincts when my wheels locked up in the water that i drove 
through...Iworked on them constantly and honed my reactions....there came 
a point when my reactions were what i wanted them to be...

So the other day when the tail kicked out, i didnt panick, i didnt lose 
my cool at all.  The whole time i knew exactly what was going to happen 
next...i was notable to stay on the road, but i did not scare myself 
because i had anticipated the whole ting...My thought process through the 
whole thing consisted of knowing that i would not be able to recover 
completely, not to fight it too much, and to make sure that i didnt 
involve anyone else...and i succeeded...So this time, i know that there 
is nothing else i could have done.  it was either definitely hit the guy 
in front of me or take my chances...so i believe i chose wisely :o)

>I felt I should clarify this because your post was unclear but implies he was
>going way too fast and I am not sure this was the case...in other words, go
>easy on him, he lost a beautiful car and had no insurance to cover the 

This is true, i didnt even think about it actually...but i feel really 
guilty for ruining what may be the finest 4kQ in the bay area...but 
hopefully my dad will be able to find it in his heart to fix it no matter 
the cost...we will see...that is where you guys come in...i will get he 
estimate tonight and post to the list what i need to get me back on the 
road...crossing my fingers now..

>As you may have read, I too almost lost my 5ktq that very same day (night in
>my case) with my whole family riding with me. I was lucky...period. I am
>recounting the incident over and over in my mind trying to determine if it
>could have been better avoided. Since there was no contact I guess I did the
>best I could.

Mike, if you made it, just analyze your reactions, figure out if they 
coiuld have been done better, and find some ways to work on them until 
that becomes your new instinct, that is what i did, and to a point, it 
worked...after you figure that out, dont think abouti t anymore, jsut 
learn :o)

>If your post was indeed implying he was doing 80 and that caused his 
>I feel you owe him an apology, he has enough stress right now without being

Its ok, i really never read that much into it, and also he doesnt know 
me, i am a very fast driver, but rarely, if ever overly so, and never in 
conditions that would make it dangerous...i am a careful speeder...

thanks mike, i appreciate the defense :o)

later all...

Michael Sheridan Williams

My new one: 1985 4000 S Quattro
175,000+ miles, and going like a new car
Well, went like a new car.....right into a guard rail :o(