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Re: How our 5ktq saved my a** (long)

Wow, close call. Glad everything went well. Hwy 17 is getting list time
lately. Guess it's world famous now. Recall my post a few weeks ago when
I took Steve's balancer tool back? I saw 3 cars that had gone off. I
drove in the left lane where I could see further around corners which
was a good thing with all the dead cars, trees, water etc. Anyway, good
driving and I'd say that your "bargain" Q is a keeper.

For those who might be interested here are a few highway 17 links:

"The Highway 17 Page of Shame" (stirred up a ton of controversy when it
was actively maintained)

"Highway 17 Resource Page"

And a link to a webcam on the Dream Inn in Santa Cruz. Might give you an
idea as to why Jeff L., Mike V., Anton G., and myself choose to live in
the 6th most expensive area of the US.
Look hard and maybe you'll see Gross S. waving to us from Monterey. Also
why thousands of tourist brave highway 17 every Saturday and Sunday to
come over to Santa Cruz for the day. Especially in the Summer months.