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4KQ gearing

84 4KQs have ~4.11 gears, 85-87 4KQs have ~3.90 gears - big difference!
The lower gears and lighter weight of the 84s Vs the 85-87s make the
84s the hot setup for competition use but more noisy on the street.
Where the 84 is at 4000 RPM the 85-87s are at about 3500 RPM at
the same speed, about 80 MPH if I remember correctly. Many ur-q 
Pro-Rally guys seek out and install 84 4KQs trans and diff units for
the lower gears, top-end is not so important Vs acceleration.


Depends on the 5k.  My 5k definitely does _not_ do 80mph at 3000rpm.
Closer to 65mph, and 4000rpm at 80mph, similar to your figures for the 4k.
My 5k (an '87 S model quattro) has the lower gear ratios.  I don't know
personally what determined which gear ratios were used in which 5ks.