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> ...I am going to recommend to my friend that she change to ATE hi-temp
>fluid and bring an extra set of stock pads to the event.

I agree.

If you are changing fluid anyway, why not throw in the
ATB Super Blue @ $10/liter as an added safety factor
over the $3/liter regular stuff.

In my experience, I didn't need the extra boiling temp at
my first or even tenth track event, but only after getting
much much faster. But why not spring the $7 for POM
(Piece Of Mind).

Stock Pads should be fine, and why not carry an extra set.

What we have to be careful of is scaring first time participants
into thinking that their first time on track will be scary, or
extraordinarily dangerous, or racing. IT IS NOT! Bring a stock
well maintained car and you will learn alot. Bring a highly
modified race car to your first few events and you won't.

When I first bought my 928S4 in 1990, I called Kim John Crumb
for his advice, as I had never been on track. He knew I was a
novice, and that the 928S4 stock brakes are AWESOME, but said:
  "...change to racing fluid..."
  "...change to racing pads..."
  "...get a front to rear brake bias valve, pn xxxxxx..."
  "...it's easy to modify, shouldn't take longer than...."
  "...yup when the brakes go away you'll find yourself in
       the woods...I've seen some real body damage..."

WHEW!!!, I didn't want my pristine new Porsche to be modified,
or damaged, or myself injured when the brakes "went away",
so I called the LRP event registrar, and requested my money back.

Now after 25 events or so, I know that I didn't need to make those 
"upgrades", and that I missed out on a safe and enjoyable time.

BTW-On the urqmonster, I use the pagid yellows AND I LOVE THEM 
(70% Track/ 30% Street).

Glenn Lawton (no relation to Michael Lawton that I know of)
Hopkinton, NH