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re: audi on Crap & Drivel (tm)'s top 10 list

I hear ya.  I'm not at all a Honda fan myself.  I went to Thailand last
summer and went to an Audi dealer there.  I ended up meeting this guy w/
a 97 A6 who told me he had many Hondas and now loves Audi and can't fathum
going back.  I know that Audis and Hondas are in two different
catetegories of car but everyone always acts like Hondas are in the
BMW/AUDI category.  They are overated as well as BMW,even though I like
BMWs.  I felt proud of Audi for being inovative enough w/ new Audis to get
back their piece of the pie. 

On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, eliot wrote:

> the urQ was on the 1983 top ten list.  i think the list that was
> posted only went as far back as 1984.
> not that i have much regard for Crap & Drivel's top ten lists anyway.
> so many mediocre cars have been there that they have no credibility
> whatsoever, even if genuinely good cars make it.  are hondas still
> there year after year after year?
> eliot