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Look, any industry that makes blanket policies such as forcing adults under
25 to pay exorbitant rates because some drivers are ill prepared to drive is
corrupt, IMHO.  I haven't had JACK as far as tickets, accidents or claims,
got good grades, have a great job, etc, and the insurance companies STILL
stick it to me.  So they ALL are just out to make a buck and stick it to
whomever they can.  If we would stop handing out drivers licenses to people
in the U.S. (hey, in Virginia a guy speaking little english got a license
the day I got mine.  Aren't the signs in English???) maybe that will be the
start of something.  This is a case, I feel, that the gov't NEEDS to stick
its big nose into the situation, cause we all are getting screwed left and
Jon Linkov
'96 A4q