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re: Estimate...help with parts please..... (wrecked a 4kq)

You wrote:
<<Here is the estimate for the repairs...the total is $5641.41  With 2766 
in labor, 288 in materials, and 2288 in parts..>>
I assume you can cut the budget quite a bit with sweat and used parts;
however, I would recommend you shop for a used car, and use the existing car
for spares.  You could also part out undamaged parts to help pay for the new
one.  A good 4kq would run you between $2 and 4,000 without damage; rougher
examples could be found under $1k, and repaired using your parts (i.e., for
free).  Good luck, and don't get too caught up with emotional ties to your
car; it did it's job well by protecting your life in the accident.  I'm sure
you'd get just as attached to a new car... At worst, given the amount of
damage to your car, consider finding a junker (even from a recycler?) and
grafting together one car.
Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com