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Installation Tips on Koni Adjustables?

Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely),
I have just purchased a set of Koni adjustables (red) and was wondering
if anyone could give me any installation tips? I am planning on using
them with the stock springs (for now). I have heard the fronts can be
installed without removing the strut assy.?

I tried adjusting them on the bench and found the fronts would not
adjust. Called Koni and they said this was normal and I would be able to
adjust them once they were installed in the strut housing and the
retaining nut was torqued down. The story I got was that the retaining
nut put additional pressure on the shock tube which allows the
adjustment to engage - I say this is very strange.

What settings should I try? Was planning on about 55-60% hard (1.25
turns from full soft, they are about 2.25 turns from full soft to full

P.S. Best price I could find was RD Interprises, About $450 including
shipping. They have Bilsteins a little cheaper, about $420 including

Littleton, CO