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Re: 4 KQ gearing

FYI, in 87 it went back to a 4.11 ratio. I learned this the hard way.


Ron Wood wrote:

> In an earlier post, Glen mentioned that 84's have a 4.11 final, whereas
> the 85-87's have a 3.90 final. I thought that was the case, however, in
> my microfiche for the 85-87 4KQ, they list a 37/9 (4.11) ring gear set.
> I know the gear ratios are different as well, can we verify the
> ring/pinion changes as well ? A friend just got a boneyard 86 4KQ trans
> for his Quantum Synchro which lists a 4.11 as well, if the later trans
> do have a 3.90 this wont work for him.
> Thanks
> Ron Wood