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Re: black rally quattro - DoWop Results

There was the first rally of the season in Washington
this last weekend.  So the car you must have seen would
be the 5K of Chris Tudor and Todd Phenneger.  I am remiss 
to have not submitted the audi triumph already. Complete 
report is available at Ben's Rally page www.reed.edu/~bradley


The first rally of the US season was last weekend.  DoWop I
was on staturday, and was won by the female team of Damitio
and Trowbridge (great names!) in a celica all-trac.  Second
overall and first in 2wd open were walker and Laylor in a RX3.
Chris Tudor and Todd Phenneger were running to a 16th overall 
in their 5KTQ in a time of 1:17:19.  Rui Brasil's S2 audi 
started some 25 minutes late due to a navigational problem, 
and cruised through DoWop#1, finnishing at the back of the pack.
Ron Wood passed along the report that Rui and Carlos let loose
on the last stage to see what they had, putting a minute on 
everyone on that stage.  That must have put the fear into them
for day two.  The S2 was lowered by 1.5 inches to allow better
handling in the smooth conditions.  A good show for the spectators
was made, with sideways gravel spewing S2 quattro ripping it up.

DoWop II is the following day, and is a seperate divisional rally
(coeff III?) Rui and Carlos won the overall and in first in O4 class,
with a time of 32:52.  They left  second overall to Doug and Dave 
Schrenk in a Saab 900 about 1:30 back. Chris and Todd were back in
the fray turning in a 41:26 for the day, and 19th overall.

paul timmerman