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RE: CIS mixture adjustment access hole?

... actually since it is on the back side of the airflow metering plate
all the empty hole is doing is allowing air to bypass the air filter.
What has happened is that somewhere along the way someone has drilled
out the plug, and did not replace it.  Technically if anyone drills out
the adjustment they are supposed to replace it or you may fail an
emissions inspection.  That said, none of my cars still have the plug.
If the unfiltered air bothers you (as it did me) you can get a rubber
plug with a wire bail that can easily be removed and reinserted.  I
don't have the P/N handy, but tell the parts folks that you have a 1978
Audi Fox and you lost the plug on the airflow box.  The part costs a
couple bux ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> This adj access hole is empty on my ur-q.
> Should there be a plug in this hole?
> Will a missing plug here result in a vacuum leak?
> There is no observable problem that I am aware of,  just curious.