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Re: radio removal

In regards to radio removal from my 1990 200 TQ  it involves making up two u
shaped hooks to insert into the corresponding holes in the front of the
radio. This releases the hooks inside and you can pull the radio out.
Regards Bill
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From: harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com>
To: Rob Winchell <rbw@avs.com>
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Date: February 18, 1998 8:21 AM
Subject: Re: radio removal

>There is this really fun bolt behind the radio holding it in. I'm afraid
>need to get the console housing out of the way.
>Rob Winchell wrote:
>> OK, now that I found a new radio, could someone tell me how to get the
>> one out of there? It's a Delta Bose unit in a 1991 200Q. I really hope I
>> don't have to take the whole console out, but I'm guessing I do.
>> Rob Winchell