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Re: headrest replacement options?

Audi headrests are one of their most distingushing features. It is sad to
see the new Audis that do not have the old squares. As far as how effective
they are, well I could not say. Want to see really awful ones? Try a Volvo
240 or 740. I think they would cause more damage to your head than an


Charudatt wrote:

> After reading the list for a few weeks I've seen no discussion of the
> design and utility of standard Audi head-rests so I'll ask (in the hope
> that this is not something already beaten to death and a total waste of
> bandwidth): does anyone else think that the standard headrests are just
> about useless?
> I used to drive a VW jetta with recaros and it's headrests were way
> better. Even the toyota I drove before that had more functional
> headrests than my 94 100S- I have to put my head way back even for my
> head to touch the rest.
> Are there alternatives? Can I replace just the headrests without
> replacing the entire seat? Any leads appreciated.
> TIA.
> -Charu