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Re: 4 KQ gearing

I found out the hard way that the 87 has 4.11 gears by selling an 86 to
a guy with an 87. Every time he hit a bump, the rear end would skip
forward. Eventually I had to give him more than the car was worth for
ruining his trans. The ratios and tooth counts I gave are from Audi
supplied interchange in my computer. The 87 (according to Audi) is
supposed to have 4.11 rear gears like my 90 quattro. And I know from
having to replace it once, my 84 4kq had a 4.11 rear end. If your 87 has
a 3.89 like the ur-q is supposed to have, I won't argue if you know it
to be true. It may be the case that Audi changed them around without
telling anyone (wouldn't be the first time). As soon as I fix my deck
lid from when some punk busted out my lock cylander I could check for a


> Harrison, I'd be interested in the transmission and rear
> diff codes on your car. Check the sticker on the inside of
> your trunk lid. Mine has the AEC rear differential and the
> US, I think,  transmission code. Tell us how you found out
> the hard way?
> As far as I know all Syncro's got the 4.11 gears.
> ----------
> > In an earlier post, Glen mentioned that 84's have a 4.11
> final, whereas
> > the 85-87's have a 3.90 final. I thought that was the
> case, however, in
> > my microfiche for the 85-87 4KQ, they list a 37/9 (4.11)
> ring gear set.
> > I know the gear ratios are different as well, can we
> verify the
> > ring/pinion changes as well ? A friend just got a
> boneyard 86 4KQ trans
> > for his Quantum Synchro which lists a 4.11 as well, if
> the later trans
> > do have a 3.90 this wont work for him.
> > Thanks
> > Ron Wood
> ---------
> >
> > FYI, in 87 it went back to a 4.11 ratio. I learned this
> the hard way.
> >
> > harrison
> ---------
> >
> > Well, that confirms it...  my '87 QSW has the 4:11 gears,
> according to your post... since my car
> > turns 4000 rpm at 80 mph!!