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Re: 5k RPM's at 65mph

To maybe add something here and I don't know how significant this is to the general Audi public but both of my '87 5kcst's odometers show approx. 10 miles higher than the actual speed.  I measured them against my Lincoln TC which has a digital dash which I have again measured against a police radar and is correct.  Both cars have the 15 inch turbo alloys.  Why this is I do not have a clue, but maybe this problem is more widespread.


um, 65 * 3000/2540 = 77 mph.  three significant digits?  I doubt it.
>From my school days and observations of gauge accuracy I'd say it's more
like one.  so 65 @ 2540 implies 80 @ 3000...  BTW, my coupe also does 80
at 3000.  Must be some kind of standard?!?!  Need more coffee

Doyt W. Echelberger wrote:
> I was checking the RPM's tonight at 65mph in 5th gear, and found them to be
> 2,540, significant to three digits.  Tried it several different times over
> a 200 mile trip. That's in a 1987 5kcstq, bone stock including tire size.
> My observations tend to substantiate what Brendan is saying:
> >Depends on the 5k.  My 5k definitely does _not_ do 80mph at 3000rpm.
> >Closer to 65mph, and 4000rpm at 80mph, similar to your figures for the 4k.
> >My 5k (an '87 S model quattro) has the lower gear ratios.  I don't know
> >personally what determined which gear ratios were used in which 5ks.
> >Brendan

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe