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Re: 4 KQ gearing

once again, this is "according to Audi" (for what it's worth), the 5000
quattro should have a 3.89 rear end, I couldn't tell you what the tranny
gears were, I don't have that info.


Bruce Bell wrote:

> Harrison, I guess you do know. What an unfortunate way to
> find out.  For what it is worth my car is the special build
> with the q stitch upholstery and a Jan '87 build date
> (plaque on inside of drivers door).  And yes, I'm positive
> I have the 3.89 gears. Curious though my odometer and
> speedometer were always off from the time I purchased the
> car. Seems the Speedo gear in the transmission is better
> suited for 205 60 15 rather than the 195 60 14 specified
> for the car. That was a clue my drive train may have been
> earmarked for an Urq since the transmission ratios are the
> same as some of the later urq's.  Any one else able to
> confirm their 4kq has these gears? in 4th (1.07) & 5th
> (0.78) that would work out to about 18 and 22 mph per 1000
> rpm  respectively in a 4Kq with the 3.89 finals.  I don't
> believe the 5Kq series ever got this particular gear set.
> Bruce
> ----------
> > I found out the hard way that the 87 has 4.11 gears by
> selling an 86 to
> > a guy with an 87. Every time he hit a bump, the rear end
> would skip
> > forward. Eventually I had to give him more than the car
> was worth for
> > ruining his trans. The ratios and tooth counts I gave are
> from Audi
> > supplied interchange in my computer. The 87 (according to
> Audi) is
> > supposed to have 4.11 rear gears like my 90 quattro.