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Re: 200 TQ oil pressure warning & Viscosity breakdown...

Frank M. wrote:

> About once a day during my 21 mile commute to/from work, the oil 
>pressure warning light/symbol comes on briefly, with the
>accompanying chime. This has happened at idle, but mostly while
>highway cruising. Oil level is 
>fine, oil was recently changed with 15-30 weight by the dealer, and
>the oil pressure guage will be reading fine, 3.8 to 4+ bar. 

It does sound like you might have a bad connection/intermittently broken
wire going to the sensor(s).  

I have another question:  a friend of mine's dad has an '90 100 (non-q)
that was also experiencing low idle oil pressure.  He was very worried
that it was something severe, but before he tore into anything, he
decided to change the oil first.  It was only a few thousand miles old, but
he says that when he pulled the drain plug, the oil was super, super
thin, like water (even when cold).  He refilled it with new, high-quality oil
and the warning went away.  Anybody ever experienced viscosity
breakdown like this in just a few thousand miles?  Maybe a bad batch of

Best Wishes,